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5 SEO Tips for Powerful Search Engine Optimization

Every SEO Company has it's own SEO rules to get on TOP. Following SEO algorithms is the common line for SEO Business. There are 100+ tricks to manage SEO campaign of a project. Here are 5 important tips that we should follow for any SEO campaign:-

1. Write Great & Unique Content

Adding keywords within content is not the task for SEO, what people actually looking for are information or we can say relevant information. We should go for a unique, user-friendly content which is counted by both customers & Google. Updating new/fresh content regularly on website increases Google's crawl frequency and that helps in getting ranked in Google.

SEO Tips for SEO Company Melbourne

2. Choose a keyword that is Popular, not too Popular

It may sound weird, but yeah you heard it right. Choosing a very popular keyword may be risky for your business because getting on first page for high competitive phrase is not an easy task. Better to target Low popular keyword with good Monthly searches that we get easily on top and maximum pageviews.

3. Try to get links from .edu & .Gov sites

Creating 2 backlinks from .edu & .gov sites are better than 10 from link farms.

While backlinks creation we need to focus on quality than quantity.

4. Put the keyword phrase in first paragraph

We all understand that adding keywords in content is good as per SEO rules but do you know that adding keywords in first paragraph of Text matters a lot. Sometimes we do think over why I am not in top 10 even after repetition of keyword phrase in content, then you can notice the placement issue of keywords. 

5. Optimize for a few Secondary Keywords

Once we finalize keyword list for a client, we should research more long-tail keywords based on primary keywords. Few people know that Secondary keywords help in boosting primary keywords up in Google SERP. So prepare a list of primary keywords & Long-tail keywords both for any project.

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Wednesday, 20 October 2021