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Cleaning up the trash: Google is shutting down people’s G+ pages.. Why?

Google is shutting down Google+ pages.

BUT Don't panic!

Here we have listed the guide of what and why Google is doing this.

Are you having a G+ page?

In today's increasingly social world, more and more entrepreneurs are using personal social media profiles to promote their brand, products and services. Google+ is an absolutely liked platform for the way it reaches out to a local audience and is used for cross promotion.

While this is always good way to increase your visibility in your target audience, the current news is that Google is forwarding an email to businesses that have not used their G+ pages for a while.

Those who have received the email are given a 30 days' notice period before their Google+ business account gets completely shut down!

Now few businesses have got so confused and concerned that Google+ is being closed and they no more can upload posts and pictures, whereas few thought it was due to duplication.

Obviously Google's clean-up has caused much confusion for business owners as some return to their pages not being able to upload pictures, videos and even a few thought they were deleted because of duplications.

As a digital marketing agency and SEO services in Melbourne who uses Google+ all the time we are always on top of Google+ news. Circulating on some forums are the contents of the letter. Continue reading below:


It looks like the Google+ page for [business name] has not been used in a while. To simplify your Google My Business listing, we will be removing this additional page from our system in 3 0 da ys.

This change won't affect your Google My Business listing – you can still be found on Google Search and Maps. You can download a copy of your old content before it's deleted by visiting this page. Alternatively, you can post or comment on someone else's post within 3 0 days to keep your Google+ page active.

Thank you, Your Google My Business team"

Now, this mail simply says that your business page on google+ is absent in terms of the regular activity and so, before we shut it down in 30 days, you can take mandatory actions to keep your old uploads and content saved.

Note- This mail is completely legitimate and not a spam.

Even with this email circulating the internets, there are still fake news and rumours about the implications of Google's clean-up flying around. Here we address some of them:

Rumour: Deleting Google My Page will have deleted Google My Business Listing.

Truth: Google My Page is a different subject to Google My Business Listing. If your page is deleted; the business listing would remain unaffected.

Rumour: If the page gets deleted you are going to lose on all the good and bad reviews you've accumulated over the years.

Truth: Now, the brand news is- All the reviews are accumulated on the GMB Listing and not the Page, so the reviews remain intact.

Rumour: Google is reaching out to businesses that have been inactive to close their accounts.

Truth: There are accounts that might be formed automatically because the owner once used Google+ for business. This mail can clean-up those unused pages.


Whilst Google is cleaning-up unused pages it does not mean the end to the Google+ era. There are still a significant number of genuine users on the site.

This move by Google is just to clear-up the clutter on the platform so it'd run faster and easier.

Among various SEO-SMO services, this is one of the abrupt incidences we heard by Google.

Well, do you adore this new step or have any suggestions? Comment to tell us your opinions.

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