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Progressive Web Apps by Magento - A Revolution in Mobile Commerce

The hype around advanced Magento eCommerce solutions has been building since the designer Frances Berriman and Google Chrome engineer Alex Russell discovered the term Progressive Web Apps. Let's find out how it's changing the landscape of mobile commerce.

An astonishing 178.1 billion mobile apps were downloaded by customers in their devices last year. Taking advantage of this, Magento eCommerce developers thought to blur the lines between website and mobile applications to provide the user a better experience - and this is where we were introduced to Progressive Web Apps (PWAs).

What are Progressive Web Apps?

You might have heard a lot about how businesses are turning their sales and reputation with responsive sites since 2011, but 2015 was a big year, as technology went that extra mile with PWAs.

There are times when you are opening an eCommerce store on your mobile browser or desktop and you might be confused as the lines are blurred between whether it's a website or an app? This is a PWA.

These apps are similar to responsive websites, and naturally fits into the size of the screen, but their capabilities are stronger, and the experience is enhanced for the user.

PWAs are the websites that look and work like the apps. Much like the native app, they provide navigation and gestures, are built on the web and work device-independent. This new technology has brought convenience and speed to the experience on web browsers.

The announcement said "PWAs offer Fast, Frictionless and App-Like Experience"

Why PWA is the future of mobile commerce?

While downloading apps, you might find issues like Wifi connectivity, usage of disk and large space installation. But in these PWAs, you don't even need to be concerned about data connection - it's fast, effortless and simple.

If that doesn't impress you, then this might just do the trick. These applications can work offline and, in the background, too. They get your cache and once you accept the terms & conditions, you can enjoy the notifications and updates on what's new.

Sounds cool, doesn't it?

Examples are-

  • Flipkart Lite
  • QR code scanner
  • Twitter Lite
  • Forbes
  • Trivago
  • Uber
  • BookMyShow

These apps provide information and access to the users without actually downloading the app.

Another great aspect is there is no update required. The native apps have to be updated regularly either automatically or manually. And in case when you don't have Wifi, there is an increase expense to the user, which is also a huge chunk of one's monthly net data.

Why you should care about Magento-launched PWAs?

The continued investment by Magento development in rich technologies is extraordinary in the field of online shopping. Collaborating with Google who can offer some of the best expertise & insight has helped to develop PWA to the fullest.

But does your business needs it?

Yes, if:

- Your website is offering every day a new content like new online products, daily stocks or inventory level, e.g. Forbes

- Your audience needs to study or read your website in the offline mode, e.g. Uber

- You need to alert audience though push notifications to tell product discounts and product releases, e.g. BookMyShow

- Your audience uses supported browsers

How it can help your business to grow?

PWAs has so far delivered great results for the businesses using them.

It is a feature that we as a Magento development company in Melbourne use ourselves to facilitate engagement and increase conversions. When you build a high-quality Progressive Web App, then customers get an option to add it to the home screen of their browser. This creates spontaneous access every time the customer thinks about your service.

Blending the best features of website and mobile, PWAs are very responsive sites and offer glossy experience like the native ones. Consumer demand is increasing and with the help of progressive web apps, you can create a reliable, accessible and well-polished shopping experience like offline notifications, seamless checkout processes and excellent performance.

The bigger companies have started reaping the benefits.

Trivago got overwhelming audience engagement with a 97% increase in click outs to hotel offers.

Alibaba increased its conversions by 104% on all browsers.

Twitter saw a 20% decrease in bounce rate.

Forbes received a 20% increase in impressions/visits.

The lightning speed, powerful accessibility and great user experience will add up to a successful SEO strategy. For example, take Uber - even they are designed to run on the 2G network too. It can load in a mere 3 seconds, even on the 2G network. It's genius.

PWAs in Magento is an opportunity to integrate with the future technology and offer a more streamlined process. With a lot of enthusiasm and support, your PWA will step above competition.

Ready to replace your websites with PWAs?

Trusted by more than 260,000 businesses worldwide, Magento is a promising and empowering development platform. Now bringing the PWAs along with its powerful services is an incredible step. Forever looking forward with their advanced technology - see how your business can gain conversions and sales through this platform.

If you want to implement Progressive Web Apps, call the Magento Web Developers Melbourne at (03) 9510 0717. 


Can Progressive Web Apps work across different devices?

Yes, Progressive Web Apps are designed to be responsive and work seamlessly across various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers. By using responsive design principles, PWAs adapt to different screen sizes and orientations, providing a consistent user experience regardless of the device being used.

How do Progressive Web Apps impact mobile commerce SEO?

Progressive Web Apps have a positive impact on mobile commerce SEO. They are designed to be search engine friendly, allowing search engine crawlers to easily discover, index, and rank their content. PWAs also have fast loading times, which is a critical SEO factor, as website speed affects search engine rankings.

Are Progressive Web Apps secure for mobile commerce transactions?

Yes, Progressive Web Apps ensure secure mobile commerce transactions by being built on secure HTTPS connections. They employ modern security measures and encryption protocols, protecting sensitive customer data and ensuring safe and secure transactions.

Do Progressive Web Apps require app store approval?

No, Progressive Web Apps do not require app store approval. Unlike native mobile apps, which need to go through the App Store or Play Store approval process, PWAs can be distributed and accessed directly through the web. This eliminates the barriers and delays associated with app store reviews and updates.

Can Progressive Web Apps integrate with existing e-commerce platforms like Magento?

Magento offers PWA Studio, a set of developer tools and libraries that allow businesses to create and customise PWAs specifically for their Magento-based e-commerce stores. This integration enables businesses to leverage the power of PWAs while benefiting from the functionalities and features of their existing e-commerce platforms.

How cost-effective are Progressive Web Apps compared to native mobile apps?

Developing and maintaining separate apps for different platforms (Android and iOS) can be costly and time-consuming. With PWAs, businesses can have a single codebase that works across multiple devices and platforms, reducing development and maintenance costs significantly.

Can Progressive Web Apps be updated easily?

Since PWAs are web-based, businesses can make updates to their app and push them directly to users without requiring them to download and install updates from app stores. This allows businesses to quickly roll out new features, bug fixes, and improvements, ensuring a seamless and up-to-date user experience. 

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