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A Brief Introduction: Web Design for Local Businesses

Many local businesses nowadays try to get online in order to have their presence felt. 

They want to offer information on their location and if possible sell products through e- commerce. However, most of them do not consider the strategies on customer retention on the various platforms of the social media. They do not also conceptualize their SEM and SEO goals for the websites.

​Where do I start?

In order to have the website of the small businesses up and learning, there is a need for content management systems.

Unlike in the past when a web developer was needed to keep the website updated, it is possible for small-business owners to learn the concepts of website development and keep the pages updated.

Where a website is built with content management systems, it becomes easy for the client to update it even with some minimal computer skills. Therefore, it is not necessary for the business owner to incur consistent expenses as well as expenses that are associated with the website's upkeep as they can do it or train an employee.

​Things to Consider?

It is important for the small-business owner to think of a domain and a hosting name.

You may choose to have your name and the type of business you involve in the domain name or even the business location. With a good choice for the domain name, this could influence the performance of your business.

You should bear in mind that the name should be used to describe the business name as well as services, and it should not be difficult to remember.

When it comes to hosting, most web developers will usually refer you to their choice of a web hosting company. The role of the company is to offer you space to place your website's file on the web server.

The good news is that the cost of this service is getting lower and lower nowadays. When choosing the service provider, it is important to choose one who is established and therefore, isn't likely to go out of business soon raising the need for you to start looking for another service provider. 

​What's the budget?

 For a small business, it is necessary for them to consider the budget that they intend to use on their website.

This will mostly depend on what you intend to do with it. However, on average, the cost should not be more than $ 1000, which should be inclusive of contents such as website design, Google maps, photo galleries and general information.

The cost of domain and hosting is around $ 85 per year. For a website that is meant for e-commerce, the cost would be around $1500.

The local business should bear in mind that they can create more awareness for their products online. This is likely to result to more profits for their business.

Through the local business optimization, it is possible for them to be easily noticed in the search engine rankings.

Therefore, a web design is something that every business that is worth its salt should consider.

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