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Social Media Marketing and Artificial Intelligence: Creepy or Cool?

Now-a-days with the technological advancements, we see marketers use tools to get a help in determining its customer’s response and analyse the likes and preferences over the time. Artificial Intelligence Marketing (AIM) concepts have surfaced a lot that allows social media marketers to leverage marketing techniques with Artificial Intelligence (AI) concepts and models. This machine learning offers a new form of direct marketing to customers including a concept that allows more customised, relevant focuses. There is the significant difference between what is viewed as informative content or cool and what’s creepy.

Artificial intelligence offers SM Marketers a chance to develop smart marketing strategies to showcase brands and products by analysing social media engagement and post content in real-time. With the help of existing customer behaviour, retailers can unlock customer’s preferences and add them to the wishlist and helps to make continuous engagement on individual level basis. AI helps marketers and retailers get the correct information from these engagements, both on online and offline, to the interface on a substantially more customised level and foresee what clients need before they know they need it.

With the revolutionary utilisation of Social Media Management (SMM) and the introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is forming the next big thing in digital marketing field. Combined together with marketing automation and social media, AI helps marketers recognise and target leads like never before. The idea of AI is not only cool but also creepy, as it acts as an extremely potent tool. Here are some benefits of AI for Social media marketers:

  • Matching your content to buyer’s persona insights closely which helps to increase in marketing revenue by 150%. The buyer’s persona contains important and useful facts about habits, likes and dislikes that motivate them to spend money. The best benefit of AI for social media marketers get is the big data of groups of persons who usually buy products from you.
  • Mining your CRM tools for rich customer insights. Deep reviewing of CRM tool will provide a large dataset of customer transaction and get the complete insight of buying intention that your customers follow. With each analysis marketers get an insight of content from emails, phone calls or by social media messages understanding who exactly you need to market which product to the particular prospect.
  • Seeking authentic, real-time interactions with leads and customers via social media - Social media platforms are one of the most instant tradition ways to get the attention of customers and draw them into your brand account. To maintain the presence in social media hubs and discussions, it is recommended to work on the post that encourages engagement activity in the groups. Be sure to get the right social media monitoring tool that helps to brand your product in the best manner.

To make lives easier and simpler, marketers are using AI for real-time customer interactions, social media monitoring, listening and analytics. With the help of AI, marketers can understand the customer’s behaviour and shopping patterns to an extent by analysing, segmenting and filtering the big data into specific data sets. this information in digital marketing will not only help marketers to offer the customers the product that they are looking for but also can help to improve, innovate and grow their brand accordingly. To an extent, AI is offering companies to create the winning products and campaign the brands according to their customers.

We have come across the benefits of AI for Social media marketers; let’s check out few disadvantages too:

  • Lack of Human Touch. At the end, they are machines and obviously can't provide you with that 'human touch and quality', the togetherness feeling and emotional understanding. , The lack of ability to sympathise and empathise with your situations, and may act irrationally as a consequence.
  • There is no doubt that misuse of this level of technology causing mass destruction
  • It is ethically wrong.  AI acts as a clone of our customer’s intelligence and replicating that would be a kind of gameplay with our customer’s choices and preferences.

The AI advancement has the great impact on social media marketing sector. Hence the question arises how can marketers draw the line between creepy and cool? We have unspoken the main features of AI are

  • The collection of large amounts of information from the environment around them and
  • The ability to take autonomous decisions/actions aimed at maximising the chances of success.

Marketers need to understand that overusing or relying on AI tool may be harmful as it might ruin the economy of the selling product. It’s always good to be smart and have a backup plan ready in case of an emergency that might arise, as the machines is not “Real Smart”.

AI potentially will help to open doors for new and increased technological growth rate.  Their functionalities are unlimited and are more efficient providing marketers more time to concentrate on other priorities.

Despite advantages and disadvantages, the growing presence of AI has also raised questions of privacy breach issues like as how the information is protected. Or is all the data collected by the AI tools are legally processed? And what happens if the data is facing hackers and cyber attacks? 

The solution for this is to obtain the consent of customer of the individual before updating the information online. The complexity level of Artificial Intelligence system is more difficult to crack as the data breach notification obligation is triggered.

How can social media marketers decide which AI-extracted data is valuable?

Social media is not only restricted to only posting but the workloads have passed the breaking point of marketing products. With the help of AI tools, marketers get the complete details of customers looking for particular product and prioritising them for the customers. The challenge that social media marketers face is to decide which AI- extracted data is valuable. They follow the simple manner

  • Understand language, culture, preferences of customers and draft the marketing plan accordingly
  • Artificial Intelligence produces big data and accesses the information easily that marketers can’t easily get.
  • Performance is the big benefit point that AI has. With high speed, AI can easily filter the data and get the useful information to the marketer.

To conclude, AI is now becoming the essential tool for social media, as it helps us to search valuable information and important transactions that are carried by customers online. With the increase in the social network, there is also increase in the interaction that is carried by customers. To get the exact information from this huge data, AI is a powerful aid with a spam protection conditions and antivirus protection for the application.


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