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How to submit your site to Google?

An important end of SEO services in Melbourne is how well you deliver your site to the respective Search Engine for excellent public views and great ranking. SEO Company in Melbourne notices this portion as very significant and asks to have an intense revision of what you are submitting as site, in case of Google.

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You put in your effort to have combined and created all valuable concepts, features, and designs intaking different feedbacks. You would now want to get your site published for people to see and response accordingly. But is that so simple to get listed in Google and be noticeably standing on the first page? This perhaps needs the unchecked measurable boxes to be completed at once. So, here let’s look to such essentials of submission.

  • Before you begin for indexing, walk through the following list guided by best SEO Company in Melbourne:- 

  ✔ Do not submit your site if any pages are under constructed or incomplete and has broken links.

  ✔ Website must have HTML tags which start with appropriate and unique title tags that are followed by meaningful description using keywords.

   ✔ Use proper SEO services and techniques for webpage optimization that is a link to high traffic.

   ✔ Have a great content on your site to display, which is worth reading and investing time on.

  • How Google finds you? 

Google has got its own set of workstations to crawl billion pages. The crawler Googlebot sees a list of webpages that is generated from the previous search and then treats them with the data provided in sitemap of Google Search Console. Therefore if your website or webpage data is stored in your sitemap, it becomes convenient for Google to find it. They look for new sites, broken links, alt tags, description, updates and many more. The crawling process is succeeded by the listing of pages to Google index.

  • A few Google faqs… 
  • What is the right time to submit your website to Google? 

The SEO Company in Melbourne believes that submitting a site should be done the time you register a domain. It is not a sudden and short process to get indexed in Google. It involves a time of 10-12 weeks; and then another few months to get ranked. With such long time in hand, you can accordingly plan, execute, design, write and work on your site. 

  •  Should one hire paid services for indexing?

It is an easy process to submit your site for indexing. But also having paid services is having an expert to your back which understands the complete methodology of it.

  • Is it necessary to submit to other search engines?

Around 85% of traffic on web is discussing Google. The rest takes 10 other search engines as yahoo, Netscape, hotspot, MSN, etc. There is a concept understood by SEO Companies in Melbourne and around that once Google indexes, rest automatically does.

These few takes are sure to clearing doubts for submission of site to your search engine.  Once you are able to understand this, the traffic and leads of your site speed up consequently. Learn more about SEO services from the best SEO Company in Melbourne, Webplanners at http://www.webplanners.com.au or dial (03) 9510 0717

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Sunday, 17 October 2021