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SEO Tools to Analyse Your Website like Google Does in 2017

The impatient question SEO Company in Melbourne is always knocked with is, “Do I really need a SEO tool?” Generally answering, it’s always a reliable way to augment the efficiency and visibility of the website. A plethora of SEO tools you can find while searching but surely you don’t need them all.

SEO Tool To Analyse Website - SEO Company Melbourne


SEO tools are ways to save time, make you cost efficient, and improve site’s performance with detailed analysis. Some of them are completely free to be used, while others need to be paid for. Here is the list of popular SEO tools out of the stock used by the best SEO Company in Melbourne which can give you a great help.

Google Keyword Planner: Keyword Research

Amongst a list of tools available for authentic keyword research, SEO Company in Melbourne recommends the Google keyword Planner. It’s the best partner to acknowledge the high-volume keywords and to form one’s own keywords list accordingly.

Screaming Frog: Auditing Site

Screaming Frog, a small desktop application analyses, edits and audits the site according to the SEO perspective. It determines the criteria for keeping site’s functionality and visibility satisfactory. You can as well diagnose the site’s bugs which are delaying the rank and traffic.

Ontolo: Backlink Analysis

Ontolo is a commanding tool for searching favourable prospects such as unbroken links, relevant inbound links and fancy marketable content. Here, you can go on creating link queries with your preferences, review them and even keep an eye on competitor’s backlink.

SimilarWeb: Competitor Analysis

SEO is incomplete without being competitive and having to set benchmark against rival’s strategy. SimilarWeb is your digital intelligence which helps to compare traffic and statistics competitively further enabling you to find site’s flaws, opportunities and strength.

RankTrackr: Ranking Check

A highly precise SEO tool used by SEO Company in Melbourne is the RankTrackr that gives you an account overview of your present SERP statistics with the past improvement. Apart from that you or your clients can get scheduled report and have an analysis of the competitors’ scheme.

Whitespark: Local SEO Traffic

Whitespark is a great tool to give you a complete study of your local SEO. This facilitates to fasten your business with improved ranking and correctly driven services. You get to build your reputation through knowing the local references, collecting feedbacks and accurately tracking your respective ranks in local areas. 

Google Analytics: SEO Traffic Track

With Google Analytics you become the omniscient of your site. You can get a detailed chart of figures for conversions in terms of leads, sales and revenue. This is a measurement of how well your site is reading the goal-completion metrics.   

Hootsuite: Social Media Tracking

Social Media trail is not considerably priority when it comes to SEO tools. But it’s significant to know how well your site is getting response on social platform and the way you and your followers are communicating. Hootsuite is one such social interface well-definably helps you keep track on social marketing.

These SEO tools are the guiding chapters to a better course of SEO for your site. Find a full-fledged assistance from the leading SEO Company in Melbourne, Webplanners; to contact call (03) 9510 0717 or visit https://www.webplanners.com.au/.

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