On May 4, 2020, in the middle of corona virus pandemic, Google published its second core update for 2020. Google rolls out hundreds of core algorithm updates each year and the search engine giant announces a few that have a far-reaching impact on the SERP. The reason why it is called “core” update is - because it’s a big change to the algorithm which impacts a lot of websites.

Google Core Update May 2020

Each time there is an update to Google’s core algorithm, it is considered a big step towards making the search process more convenient, relevant and accurate to the users. However, as SEO professionals we get trapped n questions from clients why the core update affected the ranking & traffic.

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There is no quick fix or quick solution if you are hit by broad core algorithm update. You will see a decline in the organic traffic and the reason is not a bad SEO but the results of Google finding better search results for the search query.

What is a Google Broad Core Update?

A broad core update is an algorithm update that can impact the search visibility of a large number of websites. Each time an update is rolled out, Google reconsiders that SERP Ranking of websites based on expertise, authoritativeness, trustworthiness (E-A-T).

The second Core Update in 2020 appears to be strongly related to E-A-T again.

So, what this May core update is all about? Let’s find out.


Google appears to be getting better at understanding what it is that a searcher is trying to find and surfacing sites that have the best answer for that query. Google says that when you search for a keyword you really do not want to land on a page stuffed with that keyword hundred times.

With that in mind, the Google algorithm now assess if a page contains other relevant information/content beyond the keyword — such as pictures, videos, or even a list of other relevant things.

E-A-T Approach

With EAT, Google refers to quality standards for websites. Google has been quite vocal about maintaining the E A T standard. Even though this is now more focused on websites in the YMYL category websites, moving forward, the Algorithms will become smarter and start using it for all niche.

Google’s Algorithms will keep on ensuring websites that feature on the first page of its search provide the best accurate information for the users. Implementing this across the web will ensure that users only get the best results on SERP.

Link quality

Brands and sites with a strong link profile are among the winners – at least if the quality is right. Many sites that saw declines had unnatural links, or links that could be considered “grey hat”, but essentially self-made for SEO purposes.

Domains with strong trust signals, such as domains with many high-quality backlinks, seem to be among the winners here. Backlinks would not only strengthen a single subpage but have a positive impact on the entire domain.

We believe that Google may be either putting less emphasis on links now that they can better understand content, or, they may be better able to understand which links are truly votes from other people who are recommending your content.

What Webmasters & SEOs can do about Google Core Update?

As a webmaster or an SEO specialist, you must follow the Google Webmaster Blog explaining in detail the algorithm changes behind Core Updates and what webmasters and SEOs can do if they are impacted by a Google Core Update. Pay close attention to the bullet points that they share to help us determine whether our content is high quality.

Do all you can to demonstrate any real-life expertise that you have that could be considered valuable by searchers. If you don’t have real life expertise, consider hiring an expert to write for you, or making use of well moderated user generated content so that your customers can share their real-life experiences.

Were you Affected?

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