The very purpose to build your empire online is that the customers are able to find you in real time. It is your job to see that the audience can conveniently reach your website and can uninterruptedly jump from one page to another. But before this happens, the prior process is the indexing of site which needs a map of the site structure for accessibility.  

Among the various SEO Services in Melbourne, XML Sitemap, once thought to be unimportant yet today is the needed course. The SEO Company in Melbourne and abroad are doing well with the XML and HTML format of Sitemap to direct the navigators, efficiently index the site and drive traffic.

Benefits Of Having XML Sitemap in Website - Webplanners

What is XML Sitemap?

XML Sitemap is a communication pathway for the search engine as well as the customers to navigate through the sites. It is a document that tells the search engine which all pages of the site are to be indexed, with knowing the website structure. It is a single page layout, which is testimonial of what links are there in the site, its relevance, modified links and the different sections it has. 

What importance does XML Sitemap has?

Here we list down the benefits of Sitemap mentioned by the SEO Company in Melbourne: -

1:  Easy Navigation by Crawler And Customer

When there is hierarchical structure of links submitted to the crawler or the search engine, it becomes easy for the bot to crawl. This is useful in complicated setup of links, or on new site or when the site has dynamic pages.

2:  Automatic Update Notification

A known fact is that the frequently updated site scores better ranking than the usual ones. But the concern with regular updating is the requisite to inform search engine every time, which might take a while longer for indexing. In this case, if you have Sitemap, it lets the Google know itself the time you update or modify content.

3:  Setting Priority List

When you open a sitemap there is an optional tag to refer pages that are priorities on the site. Search engine can then know which pages are most important on the website and follow what indexing the site in order.

4:  Providing Temporal Information

With two optional tags in sitemap you can have the power to pass on more information to the search engine. Last mod and change freq, former tells when the page was changed last time and the later informs about possibilities of change.

5:  Classifying the Content

Apart from putting out duplication of content, XML Sitemap also lends hand in having content categorisation. This in turn helps the search engine to know the relevance and importance of content on the site and frame which page to be listed under which category.

With so many progressive advantages, XML Sitemap is highly recommended by SEO Company in Melbourne for having speedy indexing and higher ranking on search pages.

To enjoy success in the online world, get your business in the professional hands of leading SEO Company in Melbourne, Market Strategy and Webplanners. Visit or dial (03) 9510 0717. 

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Use of Screaming Frog Spider SEO Tool

How do you know the links you have placed are validated? How do you analyse your script and images for accuracy and optimisation? How can you be firm about getting indexed by search engine? To your answer, you need to find the appropriate tools. The right tools will scan your website and alert you after analysis with correct reporting. Among the reliable tools, SEO Company in Melbourne mentions the site analyser, Screaming Frog Spider.

What is Screaming Frog Spider?

This tool is worthy of recommendations it gets from the experienced SEO Companies because of its way to analyse all online aspects and make you familiar with your current statistics. This is a desktop application which can be downloaded to your computers supporting most operating software. It is a tool that inspects every technical bit and pieces you have included on your online site, which are links, images, content, apps, CSS and rest. 

Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool

How Screaming Frog Spider Tool Helps in SEO?

The basic uses of tool noted by SEO Company in Melbourne are as follows: -

1: Audits for Broken Links

When there is a broken link tagged on your site it stops the search engine to find you and thereby you don’t get indexed. Screaming Frog helps you escape this by finding broken links and helping you fix this error.

2: Creates XML Sitemap

Sitemap is an atlas for search engine to crawl your website and its relevant content. With screaming frog spider tool you’ll be fascinated to see how in actual time your sitemap is created for all the URLs having information of when modified, how often it changes and how important the link is.

3: Finds Duplicate Content

Is your content accurate and innovative? Is it well optimised? To make your efforts simplified, spider tool finds duplicate scripts all over the sites in form of URLs, descriptions or headings and tell you about such replica.

4: Surveys the Redirection

When a domain is redirected to another link there are odds that certain things might go wrong. It can be challenge to do it manually but SEO Company in Melbourne finds spider tool is making the task done in real time.

5: Checks Robots and Directives

Robots are the text file that enable search engine how to crawl through your documents or content on the site. So the spider tool reviews the robots and directives constantly regarding the links that are blocked by robots.txt, Meta robots or X-robots.

6: An Eye on Titles And Meta Description

The spider tool has got its job to check whether the page titles and met tags are unique, have keywords and are not too long. When the Meta description exceeds the word limit, it gets trimmed by the search engine.

7: Google Analytics Integration

A major plus that you have while using Spider tool is that it harvests data from Google Analytics regarding the traffic, conversions, goals, and other digital statistics that help with improving customer experience.

This screaming frog spider tool is an asset to have a complete control on your site and boost your online performance.

Get the reputable SEO Company in Melbourne, Market Strategy and Webplanners, to your business. Visit at or call (03)95100717.

Local businesses have got an upper hand in the fight of local vs national chains with their effectual service and adept knowledge. With so many local companies emerging the marketers have buckled down to put their companies in the front list and have no complaints from customers. But how are people going to get close to your company, accept your ideologies and stand on the same ground with you?

Among the SEO services in Melbourne, blogging is a tool that is making this content-driven world synchronised. This is the space that creates great links and greater online presence. It is the voice to the company’s vision and mission.

SEO Blogging Strategies

SEO Company in Melbourne has always made it to the point that their blogs are never inappropriate or irrelevant. Here are few tips to get you started with effective blogging: -

1: Target most keywords

You are writing with all your zeal and enthusiasm but if the content doesn’t reach the audience, the entire work is a loss. So, the SEO Company in Melbourne takes it into account to have 10-15 keywords in the list that has a high-volume density and the hometown’s name mentioned. Have a thorough study of keywords so that when customers search with specific phrase, your site scores above the competitors’.

2: Understand the locals’ desires

The wave of new marketing strategies takes you to have complete assessment of local audience expectations. Use different tools (SEO Company in Melbourne has list of tools which are functional and honest) to know who the potential target customers are, learn their needs and express firmly through content. Such crafting of content helps to have customers lurked for reading the details.

3: Audit your competitors

When you find that the customers are more leaned toward your competitors’ site and are not turning their head on the name of your blogs, this is the time to hit a new strategy. But how can you formulate one without analysing anything? So, go through content audit of the competitors and build the gap that you have with the customers.  You can know what thoughts have you missed out while writing.

4: Write on local events

A way to have relation with the customers is by writing informative blogs on their local events. This is an idea that shows your company is taking enough efforts to know the local community. An article on the election that happened, a hotel inauguration, book launch or any community events is highly appreciated by the localities.

5: Factual creation

SEO Company in Melbourne finds writing 500 exaggerated and enticing words won’t work until the customers find the content resourceful. There is excitement in the customers when he finds a unique, interesting and useful source of piece written in front of him. The purpose should be marked with sense of realism and productivity.

Hence, these tips are grounds to have influential blogging and worthy presence on search engine.

To have leading SEO Company in Melbourne working for you, visit Market Strategy and Webplanners at or call (03) 9510 0717 for services. 

Now-a-days with the technological advancements, we see marketers use tools to get a help in determining its customer’s response and analyse the likes and preferences over the time. Artificial Intelligence Marketing (AIM) concepts have surfaced a lot that allows social media marketers to leverage marketing techniques with Artificial Intelligence (AI) concepts and models. This machine learning offers a new form of direct marketing to customers including a concept that allows more customised, relevant focuses. There is the significant difference between what is viewed as informative content or cool and what’s creepy.

Artificial intelligence offers SM Marketers a chance to develop smart marketing strategies to showcase brands and products by analysing social media engagement and post content in real-time. With the help of existing customer behaviour, retailers can unlock customer’s preferences and add them to the wishlist and helps to make continuous engagement on individual level basis. AI helps marketers and retailers get the correct information from these engagements, both on online and offline, to the interface on a substantially more customised level and foresee what clients need before they know they need it.

With the revolutionary utilisation of Social Media Management (SMM) and the introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is forming the next big thing in digital marketing field. Combined together with marketing automation and social media, AI helps marketers recognise and target leads like never before. The idea of AI is not only cool but also creepy, as it acts as an extremely potent tool. Here are some benefits of AI for Social media marketers:

  • Matching your content to buyer’s persona insights closely which helps to increase in marketing revenue by 150%. The buyer’s persona contains important and useful facts about habits, likes and dislikes that motivate them to spend money. The best benefit of AI for social media marketers get is the big data of groups of persons who usually buy products from you.
  • Mining your CRM tools for rich customer insights. Deep reviewing of CRM tool will provide a large dataset of customer transaction and get the complete insight of buying intention that your customers follow. With each analysis marketers get an insight of content from emails, phone calls or by social media messages understanding who exactly you need to market which product to the particular prospect.
  • Seeking authentic, real-time interactions with leads and customers via social media - Social media platforms are one of the most instant tradition ways to get the attention of customers and draw them into your brand account. To maintain the presence in social media hubs and discussions, it is recommended to work on the post that encourages engagement activity in the groups. Be sure to get the right social media monitoring tool that helps to brand your product in the best manner.

To make lives easier and simpler, marketers are using AI for real-time customer interactions, social media monitoring, listening and analytics. With the help of AI, marketers can understand the customer’s behaviour and shopping patterns to an extent by analysing, segmenting and filtering the big data into specific data sets. this information in digital marketing will not only help marketers to offer the customers the product that they are looking for but also can help to improve, innovate and grow their brand accordingly. To an extent, AI is offering companies to create the winning products and campaign the brands according to their customers.

We have come across the benefits of AI for Social media marketers; let’s check out few disadvantages too:

  • Lack of Human Touch. At the end, they are machines and obviously can't provide you with that 'human touch and quality', the togetherness feeling and emotional understanding. , The lack of ability to sympathise and empathise with your situations, and may act irrationally as a consequence.
  • There is no doubt that misuse of this level of technology causing mass destruction
  • It is ethically wrong.  AI acts as a clone of our customer’s intelligence and replicating that would be a kind of gameplay with our customer’s choices and preferences.

The AI advancement has the great impact on social media marketing sector. Hence the question arises how can marketers draw the line between creepy and cool? We have unspoken the main features of AI are

  • The collection of large amounts of information from the environment around them and
  • The ability to take autonomous decisions/actions aimed at maximising the chances of success.

Marketers need to understand that overusing or relying on AI tool may be harmful as it might ruin the economy of the selling product. It’s always good to be smart and have a backup plan ready in case of an emergency that might arise, as the machines is not “Real Smart”.

AI potentially will help to open doors for new and increased technological growth rate.  Their functionalities are unlimited and are more efficient providing marketers more time to concentrate on other priorities.

Despite advantages and disadvantages, the growing presence of AI has also raised questions of privacy breach issues like as how the information is protected. Or is all the data collected by the AI tools are legally processed? And what happens if the data is facing hackers and cyber attacks? 

The solution for this is to obtain the consent of customer of the individual before updating the information online. The complexity level of Artificial Intelligence system is more difficult to crack as the data breach notification obligation is triggered.

How can social media marketers decide which AI-extracted data is valuable?

Social media is not only restricted to only posting but the workloads have passed the breaking point of marketing products. With the help of AI tools, marketers get the complete details of customers looking for particular product and prioritising them for the customers. The challenge that social media marketers face is to decide which AI- extracted data is valuable. They follow the simple manner

  • Understand language, culture, preferences of customers and draft the marketing plan accordingly
  • Artificial Intelligence produces big data and accesses the information easily that marketers can’t easily get.
  • Performance is the big benefit point that AI has. With high speed, AI can easily filter the data and get the useful information to the marketer.

To conclude, AI is now becoming the essential tool for social media, as it helps us to search valuable information and important transactions that are carried by customers online. With the increase in the social network, there is also increase in the interaction that is carried by customers. To get the exact information from this huge data, AI is a powerful aid with a spam protection conditions and antivirus protection for the application.

Please give a striking alternate headline including the words Social Media Marketing and AI and an approximate 30-word intro for the piece.

Grow business with Social Media Management and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) help to manage Social Media?

Integrating Artificial Intelligence with social media is trending in Digital Marketing. Learn more about the upcoming “Big Picture” and opportunities brought to the table for the Social Media Marketers.


Content Writing is an important service that reflects your effort in words. SEO Company in Melbourne believes that the content that you write on your webpage is the emotion and information you want to share with the customers. Such writing therefore needs be a piece of matter which speaks on behalf of the organisation’s service and strategies. With content writing in head, there is a vital decision in SEO service in Melbourne and that is SEO Copywriting.

SEO Copywriting is a balanced content writing which makes a worthwhile page optimization besides making a huge impact on customers. It is basically a drive for quality customer traffic. But how’s that done?

  • SEO Copywriting, a highly recommended SEO service in Melbourne uses key phrases in the content for the customers to search, read and enlighten.
  • This use of key phrases ranks the content higher than the rank at which the site previously sat.
  • Customers and viewers put these key phrases on the search box and it becomes easy for them to scroll down to view your content having such useful phrases and facts.
  • Apart from other SEO services in Melbourne, this has become an enticing way to drive traffic to your site in terms of product information, purchasing details and extra utilities provision.

A successful content and well-crafted SEO copywriting is possible only when the use of key phrases is digestible. The average density of key phrases is 3% in content. The keywords should not make writing out of context and reading focus less. This then disinterest the customers reading it which automatically pulls down the site. Hereby, SEO Company in Melbourne efforts on important information, pertinent placing of keywords and compelling details for the elements to write content; which is picked up by customers to be highly promoted on social media.

The search engine will determine the relevance of your page through the research of keywords you have done and mentioned it in the content. This relevance and quality write-ups keep your company placed at a great position for the easy interaction of the customers and you. Thus, SEO Company in Melbourne has profoundly taken SEO Copywriting to be the nourishment task for digital marketing.

The leading SEO Company in Melbourne, Market Strategy and Webplanners, will be glad to assist you through the SEO queries and problems. Visit us at or dial (03)95100717.

The impatient question SEO Company in Melbourne is always knocked with is, “Do I really need a SEO tool?” Generally answering, it’s always a reliable way to augment the efficiency and visibility of the website. A plethora of SEO tools you can find while searching but surely you don’t need them all.

SEO Tool To Analyse Website - SEO Company Melbourne


SEO tools are ways to save time, make you cost efficient, and improve site’s performance with detailed analysis. Some of them are completely free to be used, while others need to be paid for. Here is the list of popular SEO tools out of the stock used by the best SEO Company in Melbourne which can give you a great help.

Google Keyword Planner: Keyword Research

Amongst a list of tools available for authentic keyword research, SEO Company in Melbourne recommends the Google keyword Planner. It’s the best partner to acknowledge the high-volume keywords and to form one’s own keywords list accordingly.

Screaming Frog: Auditing Site

Screaming Frog, a small desktop application analyses, edits and audits the site according to the SEO perspective. It determines the criteria for keeping site’s functionality and visibility satisfactory. You can as well diagnose the site’s bugs which are delaying the rank and traffic.

Ontolo: Backlink Analysis

Ontolo is a commanding tool for searching favourable prospects such as unbroken links, relevant inbound links and fancy marketable content. Here, you can go on creating link queries with your preferences, review them and even keep an eye on competitor’s backlink.

SimilarWeb: Competitor Analysis

SEO is incomplete without being competitive and having to set benchmark against rival’s strategy. SimilarWeb is your digital intelligence which helps to compare traffic and statistics competitively further enabling you to find site’s flaws, opportunities and strength.

RankTrackr: Ranking Check

A highly precise SEO tool used by SEO Company in Melbourne is the RankTrackr that gives you an account overview of your present SERP statistics with the past improvement. Apart from that you or your clients can get scheduled report and have an analysis of the competitors’ scheme.

Whitespark: Local SEO Traffic

Whitespark is a great tool to give you a complete study of your local SEO. This facilitates to fasten your business with improved ranking and correctly driven services. You get to build your reputation through knowing the local references, collecting feedbacks and accurately tracking your respective ranks in local areas. 

Google Analytics: SEO Traffic Track

With Google Analytics you become the omniscient of your site. You can get a detailed chart of figures for conversions in terms of leads, sales and revenue. This is a measurement of how well your site is reading the goal-completion metrics.   

Hootsuite: Social Media Tracking

Social Media trail is not considerably priority when it comes to SEO tools. But it’s significant to know how well your site is getting response on social platform and the way you and your followers are communicating. Hootsuite is one such social interface well-definably helps you keep track on social marketing.

These SEO tools are the guiding chapters to a better course of SEO for your site. Find a full-fledged assistance from the leading SEO Company in Melbourne, Webplanners; to contact call (03)95762804 or visit

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How to submit your site to Google?

An important end of SEO services in Melbourne is how well you deliver your site to the respective Search Engine for excellent public views and great ranking. SEO Company in Melbourne notices this portion as very significant and asks to have an intense revision of what you are submitting as site, in case of Google.

google blog


You put in your effort to have combined and created all valuable concepts, features, and designs intaking different feedbacks. You would now want to get your site published for people to see and response accordingly. But is that so simple to get listed in Google and be noticeably standing on the first page? This perhaps needs the unchecked measurable boxes to be completed at once. So, here let’s look to such essentials of submission.

  • Before you begin for indexing, walk through the following list guided by best SEO Company in Melbourne:- 

  ✔ Do not submit your site if any pages are under constructed or incomplete and has broken links.

  ✔ Website must have HTML tags which start with appropriate and unique title tags that are followed by meaningful description using keywords.

   ✔ Use proper SEO services and techniques for webpage optimization that is a link to high traffic.

   ✔ Have a great content on your site to display, which is worth reading and investing time on.

  • How Google finds you? 

Google has got its own set of workstations to crawl billion pages. The crawler Googlebot sees a list of webpages that is generated from the previous search and then treats them with the data provided in sitemap of Google Search Console. Therefore if your website or webpage data is stored in your sitemap, it becomes convenient for Google to find it. They look for new sites, broken links, alt tags, description, updates and many more. The crawling process is succeeded by the listing of pages to Google index.

  • A few Google faqs… 
  • What is the right time to submit your website to Google? 

The SEO Company in Melbourne believes that submitting a site should be done the time you register a domain. It is not a sudden and short process to get indexed in Google. It involves a time of 10-12 weeks; and then another few months to get ranked. With such long time in hand, you can accordingly plan, execute, design, write and work on your site. 

  •  Should one hire paid services for indexing?

It is an easy process to submit your site for indexing. But also having paid services is having an expert to your back which understands the complete methodology of it.

  • Is it necessary to submit to other search engines?

Around 85% of traffic on web is discussing Google. The rest takes 10 other search engines as yahoo, Netscape, hotspot, MSN, etc. There is a concept understood by SEO Companies in Melbourne and around that once Google indexes, rest automatically does.

These few takes are sure to clearing doubts for submission of site to your search engine.  Once you are able to understand this, the traffic and leads of your site speed up consequently. Learn more about SEO services from the best SEO Company in Melbourne, Webplanners at or dial (03) 95762804. 

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Important Basics of SEO Marketers Need to Know

With times changing and Google updating itself on alternate tick, SEO is no further a toddler walk in market. It has groomed in a way that the very professionals who are updated and enhanced in their style of working can only move along. The rest not-so-updated group or business would leave behind in terms of traffic and ranking. SEO Company in Melbourne believes that marketing of business is a concept with dynamics of great content, high readability and reliability, higher optimization and leading effectiveness.

Basics Of SEO Marketers Need to Know

 SEO Company in Melbourne writes down few SEO Basics that marketers need to focus:

Know Your Ranking Factors Of 2017

With every year knocking down, Google is bringing different ranking criteria. Keyword-rich titles and content, mobile responsiveness, page responsiveness, easy readability are few current ranking signals. SEO Company in Melbourne finds these updates as unavoidable majors for business to have good throughput searches.

A Secured SEO

The downfall of HTTP and a safe entry of HTTPS in SEO are highly recommended for the ranking you want to preserve. The SEO services in Melbourne are very much focused to how secured and invulnerable your site stays.

Mobile Optimization at Pro

When survey said that over 80% of your site results are made through the mobile site, there was a great lean on its optimization. 4 of 5 consumers are making the use of mobiles and tablets to find your business, thereby the SEO team realized as to why lay back and put your endeavour only on the desktop version.

Target from User’s Perspective

Filling up your site with infographics and content according to the user’s intent is appealing. SEO Company in Melbourne analyses much about the business and what kind of matter attracts the prospective customers of the product.

Local SEO Is Still A Better Way to Do

The ranking you gain carries most of the supportive percentage from local SEO, with 50% of online searches and 60% of visitors relying on local ads. The local SEO in Melbourne enriches your site by making people acknowledged about your good service and how well is your business runs in terms of satisfying its customers.

There is a plethora of SEO stuffs to study before making your business greatly successful on search engine and physical. The SEO Company in Melbourne discovers these as the foundation for your site and business to grow firmly. For the best SEO services in Melbourne, visit “Market Strategy and Webplanners” at or dial (03)95762804.

The SEO has become a big thing for business to function, visualize and then retain your site as the most successful operating business in its market. When SEO is announced in a hall, lots of terms associated with it are brought in. SEO Company in Melbourne finds infographics as one of the major thing. Are you grasped by the pictures on different sites reciting what the topics are, or statistics giving detailed information of the subject, or the videos that are entertainingly eloquent? These expressive demeanours of the websites are termed “infographics”

Why Infographics Should Be Part Of Your SEO Strategy?.

SEO Company in Melbourne has put the significance of such infographics below: -

Speaks More Than the Content

People understand 90% of information from what they see unlike reading; that brings to the theory of how infographics can utter more information in less time. SEO Company in Melbourne defines infographics as a less-spaced, more expressive and high productivity objects.

An Attractive Pin To the Site

The site with colourful pictures underneath the sub-topics, explained with animated graphs or an entertaining video is appealing and communicative. Draw out the clean diagrams, well-spaced designs, custom graphs, and an understandable form to showcase on your site and visitors are glued to your business.

Saviour For Non-Engaging Business

While discussing with different businesses SEO Company in Melbourne got that certain industries are not so appealing when written down in words and delivered to the customers. For such non-entertaining business infographics come as windfall as the pictorial corner turns largely likable.

Viral Virus For Your Business

An objective preciseness and perfect visibility of infographics runs your race of popularity to a next level. Through SEO services in Melbourne you get the brand names or logo linked with infographics which when shared on social or through embedded links can get you more followers.

A Stepping Stone To Your Rank

When all the good is in your pocket that is people are fastened on your site and are brand aware the search engine cannot discount your business. At this stage Page Rank Algorithm gets your site indexed to a higher rank through the traffic you receive and thereby you obtain more importance from Google.

Statistics Revision

SEO Company in Melbourne finds through studies that:

  • Tweets having infographics receive 18% more clicks, 89% more favourites and 150% more re-tweets.
  • 90% of consumers find custom content useful.
  • To 10% of what brain retains on hearing after three days, 65% of information retains after watching the relevant images placed.
  • A 3-time more liked form of content is infographics.
  • 43% of social media users share the infographics.

The SEO Company in Melbourne distinguishes infographics as a fun informative way that makes the eyes look at substance than the usual theory part. Overall, people find it attractive, social find it shareable, and Google find it to be worth higher indexed. 

Market Strategy and Webplanners, the SEO Company in Melbourne with out of the box thinking serves you its services at or dial (03)95762804 for more information.

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