In this new age of technology, a business (big or small) needs a website. No website means no existence. A website these days is your business's online identity, and having a good one that represents your business will capture leads & close sales. A small business needs a website to climb to the top of SERPs and connect with other digital platforms seamlessly.

Why a small business website matter?

Many small business owners fear that because they don't know how to code or have no web design experience, they can't have a website presence. Well, for such owners, the good news is that there are modern-day tools available, and there are plenty of excellent website builders out there with drag and drop functionality, so coding skills are not required at all. If you are still in a dilemma, you can hire a professional web designer or web designing company to create a website for you.

Why a good website matter?

 A good website is essential for a company's success, and you will be surprised to see how new leads are coming your way. However, if your website is weak and unwelcoming, you will have an increased bounce rate, which means that potential customers who are landing on a page on your website will take a quick look and then go away.


So here are some Website Design Tips to help your small business website:

Clutter-free & straight forward: Website visitors should be able to understand what your business is in the first few seconds of their visit. If they need to browse here and there and click through multiple pages to look out for a company profile, it's a good sign. As far as the look of your website is concerned, it should be clutter-free, which means simple yet captivating. Too much information overload or a complicated design can overwhelm the viewer. Uncluttered visuals and text have the most significant impact on your audience.

Colors Matter: And, while we're on the subject of simplicity, keeping your color scheme minimal is critical, too. Two to three colors are all you need to make an impact. Primary colors like blue, green, red, and yellow are more pleasing to the eye and can help encourage potential customers to explore your site more thoroughly than other colors. According to our web design experts, one of the biggest mistakes in website design is painting your website like a rainbow.

Search Engine friendly: Your small business website must be search engine friendly. That means an uncluttered site, proper URL formats, sitemap, relevant keywords, and of course, fresh and unique content. Such websites are indexed easily.

Mobile friendly: A responsive design is a must of each website today. It merely means that your site will adapt and rearrange when viewed on mobile devices or any other portable device where the screen size is different. And being mobile-friendly isn't just limited to viewing, it must also provide a user-friendly experience across all devices.

Clear & well-defined call-to-action: A clear and well-defined call to action is a must for a user to take some desired action. After you have identified your page content and structure, use a compelling CTA either in the form of a button, banner, pop-up, or something else. CTAs help turn your website traffic into clients and increase your revenue.