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Reasons Why HTTPS Should Be Enabled on Your Website

Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure is a rule carried off strongly among SEO Services in Melbourne. This is a convention to transfer data from browser to the website interconnected with. While this TCP/IP thing is making huge recommendations around the updated SEO world, the reason of misunderstanding often occurs among layman as to why http gets an added “s” to it in the websites. The “S” at the end of the acronym is SSL, which is, Secure Socket Layer; actually gives a secured drive of data.


SEO Company in Melbourne here takes a dip to this question of why HTTPS should be enabled on your website and brings major responses: -

Lets You Win the Search Race

The update in Google SEO has brought the SEO Companies in Melbourne to shift their HTTP to HTTPS. The answer is apparent and factual that the Google has made this HTTPS as a ranking signal. A secured website is certainly making its names in the finishing top page than the unsecured ones. Content with decryption and long-term protection keys are standing high in their markets.

A Reliable Status For Surfers

When the matter comes to online browsing and roving, privacy becomes the upmost important concept. The mention of previous years states around 30% hacking and eavesdropping incidents. To encounter this “HTTPS” was announced as a mark of secured and quality site. The SSL has the safeguard demeanour that keeps data frozen in place.

Your Path-Maker To AMP

Accelerated Mobile Pages are going to become the priority for services in SEO Company in Melbourne in 2017 as this application helps to create a mobile-friendly content and keep the users happy by loading pages instantaneously. The major requirement of this AMP is SSL. Until the site doesn’t include HTTPS to its protocol, the page can’t be AMP-ready and will give no good results.

Google Indexes The Mobile Sites

With reference to previous point, it is noticeable that Google has started indexing the mobile pages. That certainly means if you want to keep the quality high and rank higher, the site should run through a secured version. SEO Company in Melbourne finds the site to migrate to a secured HTTPS protocol over HTTP as an imperative feature for Google to find you, crawl your content and fix you a good rank.

A Safer Arena

The closing reason of HTTPS to be affixed with your website is the apparent secured encryption. With only 3% of online buyers speaking in favour of giving credit card information, the online transaction finds a lot of criticism. Thus the Google browsers have started to mark sites with HTTP as “not secured” to keep the users alert.

Ultimately to run a secured and positional website on search engine, HTTPS is marking its prominence. Also the SEO Company in Melbourne speaks that, be it a desktop or mobile, a secured site have your business found, indexed and ranked.

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