Swimming pool adds value to the property but it comes with its own share of risks and responsibilities. If the swimming pool is located in an open area or is unenclosed, it poses a significant risk for small children and pets. Hence, in most councils there are strict regulations regarding pool fences to reduce accidental drowning deaths due to swimming pools. Though swimming pool fence is necessary, it need not be boring and ruin the appeal of your pool area. With options like frameless glass pool fencing, pool fences can be utilized to complement the appeal of the pool area.

Simply, putting a fence does not ensure that no safety hazards are possible, keep a regular check on the pool fences. No matter which type of swimming pool frameless fencing Melbourne you choose, they are manufactured to strict design and safety standards. Here is safety checklist for pool fencing that should be monitored regularly –

Ensuring that your pool area is safe not only helps in making optimum use of your outdoor space, but also ensures peace of mind.