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Improve your Site’s SEO ranking through Topic Authority

Improve your Site’s SEO ranking through Topic Authority

If you're building authority for your site, remember that the key thing is not to simply claim your expertise but instead to demonstrate it by providing valuable information. You need to craft your contents so that it delivers useful information to the reader. If you claim to be the best at something without presenting evidence, it has less impact than if you provide proof.

Topic authority also implies strength, one that is powerful enough to compel your audience to act upon your call to action. Websites, however, lack such authority to entice their audience in such a way, so instead, most would rely on writers who can write compelling content that attracts the readers' attention. Your article goals must describe exactly what actions you wish your target audience to perform.


To have authority building content, it must contain the following three key components:

Building Topic Authority SEO

Once you have these four components, you can easily attract your target audience with the contents you will be writing. Of course, sometimes writing for entertainment purposes, or writing to get others to share your content, is fun.

But it all boils down to your ability to persuade your visitors to perform a specific action that gives you an authoritative position. Don’t worry, we will teach you how to build your business into becoming an authorised source of information for your niche or industry, whilst providing you the ways on improving your site’s SEO rankings as well.

Hop right into the topic authority train!

Become the best resource of information by creating relevant content.

Building your local business' online presence is difficult but doable, especially with the help of a team of professionals like our team, who provides expert advice on SEO-related topics. It actually involves lots of different moving parts, but if you establish yourself as an industry authority, you'll be better prepared for competition within your local market.

Trust is an essential requirement for any business; without it, everything falls apart. When someone researches something on the Internet, they want to learn about things they haven't seen or read before. They don't want to read reviews from people who didn't buy the product or service themselves - in fact, they want to hear directly from people who used the product or service.

That being said, people don't listen to you unless you first show them that you know what you are talking about. If you want others to take you seriously, then you need to show them that you are an expert in whatever topic you are discussing.

Building authority takes time and effort; however, once you've established yourself as an expert in your field, you’ll be able to attract new clients and increase your profits.

Content Authority: Why is it essential?

Credibility comes from content, not just from claiming to be credible. It must come from writing good content.

It expands your reader base by providing you with more people who read your posts.

It helps websites get found by search engines.

It encourages people to visit your page.

You get new clients and more opportunities to earn from.

As we have mentioned, authority content or topic authority is about giving people what they want; helping them move forward and solve problems. Content should provide value and be useful, not something that simply tells people what they already think or feel. Helping people understand things and solving problems can make people feel good.

For a more thorough discussion on topic authority, check out our previous article - Building Topic Authority to Improve SEO Ranking and Domain Authority - Webplanners.

Gather the right audience to build your business.

Authority Building Content in SEO

To create authority content, first identify who your target audience is. Here are our three suggestions for building an effective audience base using the mighty force of your relevant content:

Choose a subject area in which you feel confident and comfortable. You should try not to get too specific though.

For example, if you're really good at programming, you could pick something like "Programming" or "Web Design". However, people who are better at writing may want to select "Writing" or "English" instead.

Write a series instead of publishing one big piece. Include trustworthy facts, reliable sources, polls, and lists to strengthen your argument. Try to write each of these every week.

When you're ready to write your series, combine your articles into a single document.

To market the series, share your work on online communities such as Reddit and social networking sites, write a blog post about it and guest post on relevant blogs. You might also want to notify your email subscribers.

With this strategy, you'll be able to do business with more people who earn a lot of money.

In conclusion, building topic authority redefines the whole strategy with your site’s SEO ranking.

Always remember that to rank high and well in Google, you must first understand what people are searching about, like how they use keywords and links, and why they're linking to specific websites. Then, you can optimise your own site to help answer these questions.

Aside from that, you need to create high-quality content before even starting out. People aren't just interested in your product — they want to learn something in the process, too!

You'll also want to interact with people online by commenting on blogs, participating in discussion forums, answering questions on sites like Quora, and sharing content related to your niche.

Lastly, you should keep an eye out for opportunities to network with people in your industry. After hearing people mention your name, you might want to ask them if there's anything interesting going on. If they're intrigued by something related to your business, then you've got yourself a potential new client.

These steps will help you grow into an authorised source of information in your field and will allow you to gain credibility and trust. If you want to learn more about how to go about building and boosting your topic authority and enhance your site’s ranking in the process, feel free to contact us anytime. Our team of professional SEO specialists are always ready to give consultation and expert advice.


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