A number of advertisers have been advertising by adding certain visual informative elements to the search ads along with the features such as product listing ads, media ads, and image extensions; that appear only in response to some branded product queries.

Google has now announced its experiment with enormous banner advertisements associated with brands. Introduction of banner advertisements is a significant change for the company and such ads may lead to generate more traffic to the respective advertisers compared to that through traditional advertising.

However, this would take the desired related results much farther down the page. People are generally used to getting expected search results right at the top of the page. This experiment is currently being carried out as a test that is limited to US only and involves 30 advertisers including Virgin America, Southwest Airlines, and Crate & Barrel.

This is why you may or may not be seeing such ads yet on Google. Banner ads are appearing just for 5% or even less than 5% of search queries; of course branded ones. Thus, Google has been referring to this experiment as a 'brand image experiment'.

• The ad space on branded search queries is taken over by the brands and this leads

to a total branded search result experience for users

• The ad comprises of only the image banner

• The outline along with the tag of 'sponsored' makes the image and text listing look

like a part of the same giant advertisement; however, the lines between organic and

paid searches are blurred this time on Google

• A single click on the banner ad directly takes you to the advertiser's site

So, no wonder if in near future, you don't see those flashy, graphical, crazy doodads on the

Google homepage or Web search results that keep popping and flying all over the site.



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