Google keeps changing its search algorithm every year and this change could be approximately 500-600 times. However, most of these changes are minor. Google also calls out the major update that seems to significantly affect the search engine results. One of these major updates is Google Penguin which was very first announced on April 24, 2012 (Penguin 1). All those Websites that seem to violate the rules and regulations of Google Webmaster have to face significant drops in their search engine rankings after this Penguin update.


Here is when the immediate next Penguin updates were released:




Let's now have a look at the updates from the current year, 2013:



Drastic ranking flux occurred at top three rank places


Dedicated to long form, quality content of articles


Significant ranking changes over the weekend


Queries related to knowledge graph (KG) entries tremendously increased overnight


Confirmed by Google but was not confirmed of being a totally new update


The period between June 12 and second week of July showed immense ranking changes but this update was not very clear


It was confirmed that Google Panda rolls out every month over 10 to 30 days; the update was named ‘Panda dance’


Targeted to extremely spammy results; specifically related to payday loans, porn, etc.


For controlling the crowding of domains in search engine rank pages


No exact nature of this update was known but a number of sites experienced loss in traffic


The last Panda update before it gets integrated to a core algorithm


This very first ‘official’ update of the year 2013



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