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Common SEO Mistakes and its Solutions

We see plenty of bad optimized websites when we surf net. Its really important to optimize site properly and take care of few important points.

1. Targeting Wrong Keywords:

People should do keyword research in detail as its the initial and the most important factor of SEO.

If we target keywords that are not relevant to site and have no searches then you will surely do not able to get any leads. Considering that proper keyword research can make or break your SEO services, it would be good if you are an expert in the subject of proper keywords research.


2. Poor or Duplicate Content:

 After Google Panda updates we all should work on good quality content. A site having good unique informative content forces people to come and read it, so try avoiding keyword stuffing over content and make it user friendly. 


3. Keyword Stuffing:

People sometimes think that using keywords in content rank them in top whether they add thrice same keywords in a paragraph, I want to interrupt you here. You will never achieve good results for a project if you do not maintain keyword density percentage within content as per SEO rules. Stuffing keywords in Title, deescription, content and during submission will drop down your rankings. So beware and try using keywords all over website naturally.


4. Poor Backlinks:

Creating backlinks for an SEO campaign is very important but more important is what kind of backlinks you are going for? So try doing submission on good quality sites not on poor/spam sites of low page rank. Count of backlinks hardly matters now in SEO world. 


5. Hiring Wrong SEO Firm

Now the most important part is which company you choose for SEO.

There are lots of SEO companies that will promise you to bring in top, but thet will put your site in such worse condition by doing black hat seo. So recognise the best company for your project even if its bit expensive go for a good company. 



You'll need to work on all the seo issues or bugs that exist in majority of sites. This will surely differ you from your competitors and make your business on top after a period of time. So its time to talk to a Good SEO Company for your service.





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