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What makes Market strategy social media experts? There are not many social media experts Melbourne wide and there is a strong reason behind that. Our consulting and strategy practices for social media marketing contribute heavily to our social media expertise

Our methodology

The notion that you can manage your brand by simply crafting messages onto print and digital materials and then handing them down from headquarters is becoming more outdated every day. Today, monologues need to be replaced by dialogues; formal market research needs to be paired with attentive listening to gain the real social media expertise; participation in social media is now both de rigueur and high-stakes; and organization who before trusted only close friends to help them make decisions now have a huge, portable social network they can call on for round-the-clock consultation. Our social media experts help businesses achieve the result they want by staying true to online branding and basic marketing principals.

How do we make that happen?

  • Core message is our social media expertise: Your message must be able to survive today’s social equivalent of the telephone game you played in 6th grade if it’s going to emerge from the Tweeting-blogging gauntlet intact.
  • Evolution is what social media experts must understand: Evolve an approach to visual brand expression that will hold up across different media. We as a social media expert create a system for your use of color, type, imagery, and design that will connect your many different communication initiatives. You can’t come close to owning your identity—or achieving higher visibility—if how you look in print differs wildly from your visual presence on the Web, or face-to-face impressions at a trade show.
  • Dialogue that brings ROI and acts as a Social CRM:  Engage in the dialogue. You’re much less likely to get disused if you’re perceived to be listening, learning, and participating. Sincerely solicit input. (Trust us, you’ll learn a lot.) And remember that transparency is best form of brand protection: People can’t unearth something that’s in plain sight.
  • Our social media experts help you and your business participate in your brand and to place tiles in your evolving mosaic. Social media management is what is required for many businesses and when we couple that with social media consulting we not only will tilt  social conversations in a favorable direction, but you’ll set your feet firmly on the path towards building a community of engaged advocates who will Tweet, blog, and share … all to your brand’s benefit.
  • We are premium social media experts Melbourne our social media expertise does not restrict to businesses but also go out to politicians, publicists, artists.

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